Pizza, chalk bringing neighborhoods together in Georgetown

Driveway art/Courtesy Georgetown Police Facebook

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Georgetown Police and Fire departments using pizza to help officers and firefighters reach out to neighborhoods.

And on a separate effort, police are urging kids of all ages to chalk the sidewalks and driveways in their neighborhoods each week as a show of unity and support.

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In the pizza effort, from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Monday, a police cruiser and a fire truck will be in different areas, starting with No. 5 on a city map (see map). The vehicles will have a saying on them.

If residents call Domino’s and repeat the saying, they’ll 50 percent off their order.

The car and truck will move to different neighborhoods on different days.
“GPD, GFD, and Domino’s would like to try something fun and new for you and the kiddos,” the police department said on Facebook announcing the promotion.
“We would like to thank Domino’s for helping GPD, and GFD to bring something interesting to the community during this time. We will be switching up neighborhoods over the next couple weeks, so keep an eye on the GPD Facebook page for the information on that days neighborhood.”
Meanwhile, police are encouraging artists — young and old — to express themselves.

Driveway art/Courtesy Georgetown Police Facebook
“GPD would like to help with the pressure of being stuck at home. We would like to ask neighborhoods to take part in some driveway chalk fun. We will ask different neighborhoods to chalk their driveways up on certain days. Derby Estates did it this weekend and we have attached some of their work,” the department said on its Facebook page.
The department is using the same map from the pizza special for the chalk days.
“We are asking zone #2 to take part on Wednesday and Thursday, April 1-2. Let’s come together with some community fun for kids and adults. Please send your photos to Georgetown Police Department and we will post them,” the department said.