School districts now picking up NTI work


ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Since the state shut down schools to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, much has been made of teachers getting innovative to reach students, the non-traditional instruction plans schools use and how those work.

State lawmakers and the state Department of Education approved rules to give schools permission to implement new NTI programs or to extend their use.

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But little has been noted about how the those lesson plans and homework actually get back to schools so they can be graded. That’s especially true when schools will remain closed at least until April 20 and everyone is trying to practice social distancing.

So districts are having to come up with innovative ways to make it happen.

Take Estill County, for example. Thursday morning, school administrators posted pick-up plans on the district’s Facebook page. Basically, school bus drivers will be running their routes Monday picking up the first 10 days of NTI work and handing out the next 10 days.

“We have completed our first 10 NTI days, and it is time to collect student work and provide the next 10 days of assignments,” Superintendent Jeff Saylor wrote.

“On Monday, all Estill County School buses will run their normal afternoon routes in order to pick-up completed assignments and deliver student packets for NTI days 11 – 20. Buses will leave from their designated school sites at 3:30 p.m. Students or parents are asked to meet the bus at their usual stop and drop-off time. Be early to make sure you are there when the bus arrives.

“Please write the student’s name, teacher and school on the return packet, so we can deliver packets to the correct teacher.

“If your child does not ride a bus, their school will provide procedures for you to follow.

“If you have questions, please call the school or check their social media posts.

“Thank you for your help. Have a fantastic weekend,” Saylor concluded, his message making clear the complexities of trying to teach and communicate via long distance.