New cases ‘no surprise,’ governor says; jobs help in works


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Gov. Andy Beshear confirmed at least three new coronavirus cases in the state during his 5 p.m. Friday press conference and noted the state could actually have five new cases.

But none of the numbers should come as a surprise he said and state and local health agencies are prepared and responding appropriately, he said.

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One of the new cases was confirmed by Labcorp in Montgomery County. Beshear confirmed that one.

The state lab had 29 tests Friday with one new case, 27 negative results and one inconclusive. Beshear could not name county of origin of that case.

The University of Louisville lab had three new positive tests and five negative results, but the governor said it was not clear if that was three new cases or one new case and confirmation of two prior cases.

If the total is three new cases, it brings to 14 in the state. If all are new cases, it would bring the number of 16.

“I don’t believe it’s five new cases,” the governor said.

“We should not be surprised by any of these numbers. We’ve known all along we would have more cases. But we are prepared for them, our health departments are ready and acting responsibly.

The initial patient from Harrison County has had two negative tests and is now home, Beshear said.

“That’s good news,” he said.

In other news, all the state’s school districts are closed for at least two weeks. For many, it partially covers scheduled spring breaks and then adds extra time. Some are closed as long as April 10.

The 16 Grand Princess cruise passengers are snagged at two Air Force bases and not yet back in Kentucky, the governor said. The state is doing “everything” it can to get them back.

“They need to be home,” Beshear said.

The governor also said the state is working on assistance for workers who lose their jobs due to layoffs related to the virus, especially in the entertainment industry which is being battered by event cancellations. He said the state hoped to have procedures in place by next week to possibly expedite assistance.