School district takes down ‘Mighty Warrior’ Bible verse


LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) — A complaint from a national atheist organization prompts the Letcher County School District to cover up a Bible verse on an athletic locker room wall and remove a bulletin board.

Schools Superintendent Denise Yonts said in a post on the district’s Facebook page that she made the decision after consulting with the district’s attorney. That came after Freedom from Religion Foundation sent the district a letter in November complaining the message violated the Constitution.

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She said the district painted over the verse since it was not a student-generated display and took down the bulletin board. The message that was painted on the wall was the popular “Mighty Warrior” quote from Jeremiah in the Bible.

“In response to a recent article published by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, I want to assure our students and parents that I and the Letcher County Board of Education support our students’ religious freedoms in our schools (KRS 158.183),” Yonts wrote on Facebook.

“After receiving complaints from FFRF, I consulted with the board attorney for advice, and we followed the law regarding religious displays. Only displays that in our opinion did not comply with the law were removed. Student-generated religious displays, clubs, or activities are a very meaningful part of the culture of Letcher County Schools. Following the law allows us to continue to protect our students’ religious freedoms, and as the Superintendent, I will always do what’s best for our Letcher County students,” she concluded.