Police: Would-be robber flees without taking anything

Robber flees after being startled.

Courtesy MGN Online

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — A would-be robber was startled and fled after pulling a weapon on a woman and her two children on their front porch, Lexington Police said.

It happened at about 8:45 Tuesday morning on Briarwood Drive not far from Georgetown Road north of New Circle in north Lexington.

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The woman told police a man walked up wearing a hoodie and a bandanna over his face.

According to police he showed a handgun and tried to force her and the children inside the home, but storm door was locked. He then pushed them toward a car in the driveway.

They say the woman told police as she pulled out her keys, something startled the man, who fled, got into a car, and left the area.

Police searched the neighborhood.

Anyone with information should call 869-258-3600.