Mt. Sterling woman hears for the first time thanks to donation


MT. STERLING, Ky. (WTVQ) – There is sound all around us and it’s something many of us probably take for granted.

Ashley Duty won’t take sounds for granted because she’s lived in a world of silence.

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Ashley was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused hearing loss.

She says lip reading is the best way she can communicate with people, but she was ready to hear what simple things sound like including her cat’s purr, a car starting, and her seven year old daughter’s voice.

“I’m ready. I’m expecting all the different sounds that I don’t get to hear. I’m just super excited to get to do it finally,” said Ashley Duty.

Ashley wanted hearing aids and her and her mom searched for ways to get it.

Miracle Ear says hearing aids can costs up to thousands of dollars. The “Miracle Ear Foundation” tries to provide hearing aids for people like Ashley who can’t afford them.

Ashley’s mom found the “Miracle Ear Foundation” on Facebook. They submitted an application to the foundation and was accepted.

Ashley received her own hearing aids along with a lifetime of follow-up services at no cost.

“It’s overwhelming, but it’s good. I’m happy,” said Duty.

The “Miracle Ear Foundation” has donated more than 25,000 hearing aids to more than 14,000 children and adults nationwide.