Second Amendment rally at State Capitol


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Second Amendment activists stood outside the State Capitol on Tuesday encouraging legislators to vote against any bills that could make changes to gun rights.

Hundreds of people with ‘Kentucky United’ took part in the demonstration.

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“We’re not going to back down on this and we’re not going to give up any of our rights,” said David Gardner, Kentucky United Activist.

There are some bills proposed this legislative session that would put more restrictions on gun ownership.

One of the bills Kentucky United is against is House Bill 354.

The bill is sponsored by Democratic Representative, Jeff Donohue, of Fairdale.  He says if the bill passes, people would have to register assault weapons and some large capacity magazines would be illegal.

“I’m not trying to take anybody’s rights away from them. All I’m trying to do is streamline things to make a society safe for all parties involved,” said Rep. Jeff Donohue.

Gun rights activists say they’re still against it.

“Our very freedoms are at stake. The Second Amendment protects the entire Constitution,” said John Cartwright, KY United Founder.

Some legislators agree with the protesters and say they’ll shut down any bills related to restricting gun rights.

“I think that these bills that have been proposed essentially limit the rights of law abiding citizens, are wrongfully misplaced, and is an infringement upon our constitutional rights,” said Sen. Phillip Wheeler, a Republican from Pikeville.

The founder of KY United says they group will be back at the Capitol at the end of the month to continue its fight.