State Representative files “Bathroom Bill”


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A bill has been filed that would require students to use the same bathroom and locker room as their biological sex.

State Representative David Hale, a Republican from Wellington, pre-filed the bill which allows accommodations for students whose gender identity does not correspond with their biological sex, including single-stall restrooms, access to unisex bathrooms, and controlled use of faculty bathrooms or locker rooms.

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“By limiting potentially embarrassing interactions between students of the opposite sex in school bathrooms and locker rooms, we are protecting our children’s dignity and privacy,” Hale said. “This legislation ensures that biological males and females will always be separated in sensitive and vulnerable situations.”

Some people in the transgender community don’t like the bill. One advocate says it’s just a hidden form of discrimination.

“These are adults who are bullying the most marginalized community in all of America which is transgender youth,” said Tuesday Meadows, Transgender Advocate.

Tuesday Meadows says the bill is unnecessary.

“It’s just despicable to me that you’d want to bully these children,” said Meadows.

Carmen Wampler-Collins with the Pride Community Services Organization says about a third of transgender kids attempt suicide.

“It creates a real danger and is really destructive for transgender youth,” said Carmen Wampler-Collins.

Other organizations believe the bill is fair and makes sense for Kentuckians.

“From our perspective, the girls use the girls restroom, boys use the boys restroom and have some other arrangement for those who are transgender and they can have their privacy as well,” said Kent Ostrander, Executive Director of Family Foundation.

The bill will be considered in the 2020 legislative session which starts on January 7.

You can see the bill here.