Local priest puts up billboard urging people to “Be Kind”


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — You might have noticed a new billboard on New Circle Road near the Nicholasville Road exit with a special message of spreading kindness.

The words “Be Kind” are in large, colorful letters.

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The man behind the billboard is local priest Jim Sichko. He says he wanted to spread some holiday cheer.

Father Sichko says each letter on the billboard has a deeper meaning.

The ‘B’ and ‘E’ show the American flag; the ‘K’ shows the Kentucky flag; the ‘I’ is the colors of the LGBTQ community; the ‘N’ is the Papal flag; and the ‘D’ is the African Kente cloth.
The lights around the words “Be Kind” are the colors of the Mexican flag.

“I just decided this Christmas to put up a billboard to remind those that we’re called to be kind and we’re called to be kind to maybe those individuals at times that we may have difficulty with, we may not agree with, ya know, that type of thing,” says Father Sichko.

Sichko’s hope is that people will see the billboard and feel called to be kind, show mercy, and have forgiveness.

The billboard will remain up through the holiday season.