Fans react to cancelled Ariana Grande concert


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It was a devastating weekend for Ariana Grande fans, it was rumored she was going to have to cancel the show on Sunday because she wasn’t feeling well.

Some fans are posting on social media about how upset they are that they didn’t get to see her perform on Sunday but most of them saying they hope she gets better.

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Victoria Villescas tweeted, “Get tons of rest, take your meds, and don’t feel bad for canceling. We need your beautiful soul and voice so take all the time you need to recover.”

Grande posted on her Instagram story letting fans know she wasn’t feeling well, Sunday morning she posted a video saying she had to cancel her Lexington performance.

“So I woke up kind of ten times worse and it hurts so bad to swallow. I’m not really sure what’s going on,” Grande said.

She continues on to say she won’t make it to the show at Rupp Arena and thanks fans for being so understanding and sending her love.

Hashtag get well soon Ariana is trending on twitter.

“I’m so upset but of course obviously you’ll be refunded, etc but I’m just really devastated,” Grande said.

Rupp arena says ticket holders will receive a refund at point of purchase,  for tickets purchased through Ticketmaster, your refund will be processed automatically and if you purchased tickets at the Lexington Ticket Center, you can begin the refund process by calling (859) 233-3535.

Lexington Center President and CEO Bill Owen said the canceled show doesn’t cost the venue anything saying, “We haven’t lost anything other than an opportunity to make some revenue. Cancellation of a concert or any other event is a part of doing business. We only hope for Ariana Grande’s full recovery.”