Factory, More than a Bakery, cuts jobs and moves to four days a week

Courtesy: More Than A Bakery Facebook Page

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WTVQ) – More Than A Bakery officially announced Monday it’s cutting Friday through Sunday operations.

More Than A Bakery is a manufacturing factory based in Versailles. Simply put, it is a commercial cookie and cracker bakery.

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In a release posted to its Facebook the company says it’s because it has been having trouble staffing the previous 7-day work week.

For employees who can shift to working Monday through Thursday are able to take open positions, the release said.

It also said, while the company loves being in Versailles, it is not immune to workforce challenges that exist today nationwide.

The release didn’t say how many people lost their jobs in the consolidation, but the company says on its Facebook the factory employs about 300 people total.