Manchester awarded funds for critical pavement improvements


MANCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – During a visit to Clay County, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says they have announced a $698,446 total in discretionary funds for resurfacing work on county roads in Clay County and resurfacing work on city streets in Manchester.

Resurfacing repairs address existing surface cracks, potholes, raveling, and base failures.

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According to KYTC, this funding builds upon existing transportation investments and allows them to collaborate with local governments to identify projects that will have a large impact in the communities.

Clay County was awarded $676,946 for resurfacing work on 13 county roads, says KYTC, Clay County Judge-Executive John Johnson identified these roads as being the most critical in the county.

Manchester was awarded $21,500 for resurfacing work on Walker Lane and Owens Road, KYTC says, Manchester Mayor James Garrison identified these roads as being among the most critical in the city.

Projects submitted to the Department of Rural and Municipal Aid for discretionary fund consideration were evaluated by the KYTC district staff to assess the condition of roads and determine the most critical needs based on factors such as safety, economic impact, and traffic volumes.

The upcoming roadwork will improve several county roads and city streets that will benefit more than 160 homes.

Local government agencies are responsible for administering the projects, and KYTC says they will reimburse the county and city for the work.

Resurfacing work will address:

In Clay County –

  • Little Bullskin Road (County Road 1049) resurfacing 0.947 miles
  • Thompson Hollow (County Road 1435) resurfacing 0.429 miles
  • Jarve Hollow (County Road 1485) resurfacing 0.278 miles
  • Freedom Road (County Road 1623) resurfacing 0.229 miles
  • Ephram Creek Road (County Road 1275) resurfacing 0.714 miles
  • Greasy Road (County Road 1268) resurfacing 0.938 miles
  • Ponders Road (County Road 1406) resurfacing 0.350 miles
  • Upper Raider (County Road 1567) resurfacing 1.517 miles
  • Lavadia Dr. (County Road 1434) resurfacing 0.161 miles
  • Harris Hollow (County Road 1399) resurfacing 0.677 miles
  • Chicken Branch (County Road 1353) resurfacing 0.701 miles
  • Gum Branch (County Road 1381) resurfacing 2.950 miles
  • Lovers Leap (County Road 1315) resurfacing 1.125 miles

In the city of Manchester –

  • Walker Lane (City Street 1040) resurfacing 0.076 miles
  • Owens Road (City Street 1044) resurfacing 0.100 miles