Judge rules Daniel Cameron eligible to run in November election

Daniel Cameron

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – A judge has ruled in favor of a candidate for office of Kentucky Attorney General in a lawsuit claiming he was ineligible to run because he lacked the experience to hold the office.

The suit claimed Daniel Cameron had not practiced law for eight years as required under the state constitution and therefore, should not be on the November ballot.

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Cameron, a Republican, received his law license in October 2011 and argued that he worked as a law clerk for a federal judge for his first two years and that fulfilled the requirement.

On Thursday, Jefferson Circuit Judge Barry Willett agreed, saying courts have had a liberal interpretation of what constitutes a “practicing lawyer.”

The lawsuit was brought by Louisville resident Joseph Jackson, who serves as a vice president of Local 576, which has endorsed Democrat Greg Stumbo in the attorney general’s race.

Cameron released a statement after the ruling, accusing Stumbo of being behind the lawsuit.

“I’m not surprised we won but I’m thrilled to put this frivolous lawsuit behind us. It’s sad that Greg Stumbo stooped to this level. He can’t win an election straight up so he tried and failed to cheat us off the ballot,” Cameron states. “For someone who talks about experience all the time it is funny that Stumbo and his cronies don’t understand the law. But this was never about the law, it was always about politics. We are leading in the polls and leading in fundraising and we’ve got Stumbo on the ropes, so who knows what other nonsense he’ll try. But we are ready for all his tricks. I remain confident that come Election Day voters are going to once and for all retire a corrupt Greg Stumbo.”

Stumbo also released a statement after the ruling, again insisting he wasn’t involved in the lawsuit.

“I am not a party to this litigation and had nothing to do with the lawsuit, however, now Mr. Cameron admitted under oath how little law he has practiced,” Stumob states. “The Office of Attorney General defends the state’s laws, right up to the United States Supreme Court, and prosecutes massive multi-state litigation to bring much needed money back into the Commonwealth. Kentucky voters deserve a candidate with decades of legal experience in real courtrooms, trying real cases at the highest levels. I have spent my life becoming a seasoned trial attorney in the courtrooms of this state on behalf of Kentuckians. My opponent has never even prosecuted a traffic ticket citation.”

Kentucky’s General Election takes place on Tuesday, November 5.