Governor Bevin tries to insert impeachment into governor’s race

Bevin released the following statement about how the filing will impact Kentuckians due to the Kentucky Office of Attorney General's unscrupulous 2015 settlement:

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is trying to move the impeachment inquiry in Washington to the forefront of his own tough reelection campaign in Kentucky.

Bevin on Friday condemned the inquiry of President Donald Trump as an “absolute travesty.” He called on his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Andy Beshear, to take a stand on impeachment.

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Beshear has refused to take the bait. His campaign manager, Eric Hyers, said Friday that as the state’s top prosecutor, Beshear “relies on evidence and facts.”

Meanwhile, Beshear’s campaign highlighted an exchange during the Bevin-Beshear debate Thursday about a teacher who moonlights as an Uber driver.

Bevin said in the debate that he knows people who drive for Uber as a second job and make good money and called it “freedom and opportunity.” Beshear says it shows Bevin’s insensitivity to teachers.