Frankfort man sentenced to prison for lying during gun purchase

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Franklin County man was sentenced to 18-months in federal prison for lying while trying to buy a handgun about whether he was legally allowed to purchase a weapon, according to prosecutors.

Investigators say 23-year old Joshua Bybee, of Frankfort, tried to buy a 9mm pistol at Dan’s Discount Jewelry and Pawn in Frankfort in January of this year.

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They say Bybee told the clerk he wasn’t legally prohibited from buying or having a firearm when, in fact, he had two separate domestic violence orders out against him from two different people.

Federal law prohibits the possession of firearms by people subject to domestic violence orders.

Both domestic violence orders against Bybee prohibited him from possessing a firearm while each order was in effect, according to prosecutors.

The business did not sell Bybee the handgun after the required background check revealed the domestic violence orders.