Georgetown Fairness Ordinance update passes 5-3


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Monday night Georgetown’s city council passed an update to its fairness ordinance to protect the LGBTQ from discrimination in housing or employment.

The room was packed, just like it was for the first reading of the ordinance expansion on Monday, August 26.

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There were familiar faces, as well as new ones, at the second reading.The podium was busy with people voicing their opinions, hoping to persuade the council members to vote one way or the other.

Those for the fairness ordinance said it needs the anti-discrimination protection in Georgetown because it’s creating equal rights.

Brooklynn Alcorn said buying a house is stressful for anyone. Unlike her heterosexual sisters, Alcorn said she has even more anxiety looking for a house in Georgetown because she has a girlfriend, rather than a boyfriend.

“We are all worried about credit scores, home owner’s insurance, down payments,” she said. “I am the only one who is worried about discrimination because I could be denied a house that I am in love with simply because I am in a relationship with another woman.”

On the other hand, some people said it’s an encroachment on their religious rights.

Some people said they wanted to wait until the Kentucky Supreme Court decided on the Hands On Originals case.

One business said he’s concerned about the possible ramifications if someone were to make a claim, like Hands On Originals out of Lexington is facing.

“The issue with the proposed ordinance is not with fairness and it’s not love for people and it’s not for respect, our issue with the ordinance is that we feel like it is ambiguous, at best, and we feel like there are some concerns with the actual language,” Mark Smith said.

One of the council members, Karen Tingle-Sames, said she agrees with Smith and wants to amend the ordinance to specifically protect businesses.

In a five to three vote the council passed the expansion of the fairness ordinance.