Hurricane Dorian travelers affected all over the country, including Louisville


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS) – Some travelers who have spent most of the day at the Muhammad Ali airport are hoping to get home before Dorian makes landfall in the U.S.

“I’m okay but you know I’ve got, lemme sit here for about six, seven, eight hours and then ask me again,” said Ron Hollingsworth, who lives in Fort Myers, Florida. “We were supposed to go back today at four o’clock, it’s been canceled twice already.”

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But after leaving their home state of Florida just days ago, it was an alert they were expecting.

“The next message that came said pay attention it could change again. It could be sooner or later depending on when we actually have a plane,” said Nola Brinkley, who lives in North Port, Florida.

Brinkley decided to prepare for the worst before taking off. She managed a 55+ community and got the group ready for the storm. She purchased the two biggest generators Lowe’s had, along with some sump pumps, fifteen tarps and extra supplies if they got hit.

As a now category 5 hurricane, Dorian’s path keeps changing and for now it seems like she is headed towards the Carolinas, something that feels like a relief for these Floridians.

“I feel a little bit of relief for us based upon where we live, but for the other people I really feel bad,” Hollingsworth said.

Already causing catastrophic conditions in the Bahamas, with almost 185 mph sustained winds, others aren’t as lucky.

Certain flights from LouisvilleIndianapolis and Cincinnati have been delayed and continue to be pushed back.