3 public talks planned at McConnell Center this fall

Courtesy of: McConnell Center Facebook page

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – The McConnell Center at the University of Louisville plans three public talks this fall.

A statement from Center Director Gary Gregg says that two talks will commemorate the legacies of Kentucky natives Abraham Lincoln and Wendell Berry. A third talk will explore the role Christianity played in the founding of the country.

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In the first event on Aug. 29, American history documentary producer Kent Masterson Brown will present his latest film about Abraham Lincoln and hold a question-and-answer session afterward. On Sept. 11, authors Mark David Hall and Andrew L. Seidel will debate whether America had a Christian founding. On Sept. 14, Berry will speak at an event focusing on his literary and environmental accomplishments.

The first two events are free, but the last requires registration and a fee.