UK: housing shortage resolved just in time for move in


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Just in time for move in at the University of Kentucky, every student now has a place to stay.

Remember, that wasn’t a sure thing just a few weeks ago.

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ABC 36 News reported then hundreds were without housing because of a record first-year enrollment.

Though the issue is resolved, many say they are still unhappy.

“Kinda sucks for everyone,” sophomore Lauren Kohlbrand said.

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Kohlbrand is referring to incoming freshmen and resident advisers having to room together.

That’s one of the University’s solutions to overbooking housing.

Spokesman Jay Blanton says about 90 RAs will have roommates, at least at the start of the semester.

“That’s fewer than half of our RAs and less than what we thought just as things have been fluctuating and moving we’ve been able to reduce that number,” Blanton said.

He says these RAs are getting financial incentives, but that’s not enough for some.

“We have some RA friends here that are pretty upset about it,” Jacob Murphy, a senior, said.

He said he couldn’t imagine being an RA living with a freshman, or vice versa.

“I just think it’s unfair for the freshmen coming in to have to deal with all that,” Murphy said.

“These freshmen when they come in, though, they’re gonna have this image of UK, ‘Oh, um, these guys are just trying to fix this problem that they’ve caused without thinking about the future so I’ve just been shoved in a room with an RA. i don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Everything’s just up in the air,'” Murphy said.

The University also houses some community college students. Blanton says bout 30 had to be moved off campus.

He says, fortunately, study rooms did not have to be converted into dorms, as previously planned and he says the University is already looking to get ahead of this issue for next year.