Fayette Co. schools use dollar bills to show “In God We Trust”

Courtesy: Facebook/Brittany Pike

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Fayette County Public Schools are complying with the new “In God We Trust” law in the form of a dollar bill.

The law says public schools have to display the national motto in a prominent place. The bill passed in the Kentucky General Assembly during the 2019 regular session.

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We’ve gotten mixed reaction from people on this.

A parent posted to Facebook praising Fayette County Public Schools for the manner it decided to follow the law, by framing the dollar bill.

“I absolutely love living in a school district that wants to follow the law while also ensuring EVERY student feels welcomed back regardless of religious beliefs. Thank you so very much Fayette County Public Schools for simply posting a dollar with “In God We Trust”. My kids don’t feel awkward or excluded for not believing in any God,” wrote parent Brittany Pike, an atheist.

Joe Clark, from Rowan County, tells he doesn’t agree with how the district is complying with the law.

Here is a comment from Fayette County Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk:

“We had a wonderful first day in the Fayette County Public Schools, welcoming a record number of students back to campus. Our families, students and the employees who care for them are focused on learning. Like every school district in the Commonwealth, Fayette County Public Schools has complied with the requirements of the new law to display the national motto in our schools. All schools in our district have been provided a framed version of an enlarged copy of a $1 dollar bill to display in a prominent location.”

The politician behind the law, Representative Brandon Reed (R) of Hodgenville, told the Lexington Herald-Leader the district is “playing political games”. He says he’s disappointed Fayette County is spending time searching for “silly loopholes” in the law.