A bus filled with school supplies is headed for Harlan County


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Heritage Baptist Church organized a school supply drive for Harlan County Blackjewel miners.

Blackjewel filed for bankruptcy in July. Employees are still waiting on money they’re owed and are out of work.

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Pastor Greg Waltermire said he’s happy to have the church backing the effort, but it wouldn’t be in motion without Terry Aldridge.

Aldridge organized the whole thing after posting on Facebook, asking if anyone she knew wanted to join her in collecting supplies for the children of Blackjewel miners.

“I just thought of the kids,” she said.

Friday 4-8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m – 7 p.m. a charter bus will sit in the Hamburg Meijer parking lot and volunteers will collect donations.

Aldridge said she’s been in contact with Harlan County Schools and she’s been told about 60 percent of students have at least one parent who works for Blackjewel.

Pastor Waltermire said school supplies is just one way to alleviate stress for these parents.

“Anytime you’re talking about people’s children, they’re so emotional about it,” he said. “And here’s our chance that perhaps, they can say now that emotional energy can be spent on something else.”

Second grader, Trinity Brock, picked out a purple folder to donate. Her dad is a coal miner in West Virginia.

Trinity and her mom said, although he doesn’t work for Blackjewel, they wanted to help their mining family.

Aldridge said she loves fundraising and isn’t hesitating to ask everyone she knows to donate.

She said, “no-one says no, it’s great!”

Along with the charter bus, Aldridge said her team has already raised over two thousand dollars for more supplies.