Louisville Zoo awaiting birth of 200-pound baby

Mikki the elephant. Source: Louisville Zoo

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Louisville Zoo is expecting the birth of a 200-pound (90 kilogram) baby any day now.

Late Tuesday night, the Louisville Zoo tweeted, “Mikki has entered the birthing window. Staff are on 24-hour watch.”

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Zoo officials said they are taking daily blood samples from 33-year-old Mikki, an African elephant, “Yesterday, her progesterone levels were high. Once they drop to baseline, Mikki may go into labor within a few days.”

Elephants have a long gestation period. Mikki has been pregnant since October 2017. The zoo announced the pregnancy in March 2018.

This will be Mikki’s second baby. Her first baby, Scotty, was born in March 2007 and died from complications of colic. That’s a common ailment for elephants and horses.

Tweet: Louisville Zoo