Murder suspect captured; Victim’s family speaks out


KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Murder suspect, Nicholas Rucker was caught Thursday morning after someone tipped off police that he was at a home in Corbin.

The victim’s family was hesitant to talk while Rucker was on the run, but now the victim’s daughter is talking.

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Ashley Burke is the daughter of the victim, Vicki Conner.

Burke says her mom and Rucker were in a relationship off and on for about two years.

She describes it as a roller coaster and says there were times when she feared her mom would be hurt.

“We tried numerous times to get her to just come home,” said Ashley Burke.

Burke says her mom saw the good in people and that’s why Burke believes her mom stuck by Rucker’s side.

“She will definitely be missed,” said Burke.

For over a month, the family feared her mother’s accused killer and now they want justice.

Rucker is being held at the Knox County Detention Center.