Nonprofits launch coalition for accurate 2020 census count


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The state association of nonprofits launched a Count Me In 2020 KY Nonprofit Coalition to help mobilize nonprofits and foundations to encourage all Kentuckians to ensure they are counted in the upcoming 2020 census.

Kentucky Nonprofit Network mobilized a coalition to provide information and resources that encourage nonprofit engagement in local census outreach.

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Nonprofits maintain regular contact with many of the at-risk and hard-to-count populations.

They say it’s to ensure the Commonwealth gets its fair share of federal dollars for vital programs supported by federal funding that use census data.

The decennial U.S. census is required by the Constitution and despite significant outreach, has historically undercounted communities of color, rural communities, young children, immigrants and those living in poverty (see Hard-To-Count Populations map).

The undercount results in inequitable government funding and representation. According to The George Washington University Counting for Dollars Project, for every uncounted person, Kentucky stands to lose at least $2021 per person per year of federal funding.

Multiply that by the estimated thousands of Kentuckians who are at risk of being missed in the count due to changes in the census and the amount of federal funding Kentucky stands to lose soars into the millions.