Pet store releases surveillance video of man stealing bird


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Most Valuable Pets released surveillance video of a man stealing one of its beloved baby Lovebirds.

The owner, Melissa Whitton, says the hope is to get the little baby back before anything bad happens to it.

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The store caught the man on camera stealing the store’s only Lovebird, which costs about $200.

“When we told him the price of the Lovebird he decided he wanted to get a Parakeet instead,” says Whitton.

The Parkeets cost $24.

The owner says after bringing the bird up to the register with supplies, he told the cashier he wanted to look around a bit more.

“And he came back took the bird out of the cage because since it is a hand-fed baby it’s very sweet,” says Whitton. “And he was able to take it out of the cage. He put it in his pocket and walked out the door.”

So he then came back inside to buy the parakeet but gave fake information when checking out.

“So the sales associate that rang him, he gave the phone number quite easily and his name but when it came to his address he kind of hesitated,” says Whitton.

She says he only purchased food for the Parakeet.

“So he has the food for the Parakeet but the Lovebird won’t recognize that as food so we have about three days before something drastic could happen to the Lovebird.”

The owner says he was accompanied by his three children and his wife.

The outdoor camera caught his vehicle and license plate, which had out of town tags.

So, Whitton says police are looking at hotels and they’re also warning other pet stores in the area.

“I’m hoping that he gets scared and he brings the bird back so I’d rather have the bird just anonymously dropped inside the door in a box,” says Whitton. “Just give me the bird back that’s what I really want.”

Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to contact police or the store immediately.

MVP’s number – (859) 219-0056