LHS’s “Check Me Out” program allows you to check dogs out


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — The Lexington Humane Society has just introduced an interesting program that lets people check an adoptable dog out for a few hours.

The “Check Me Out” program is exactly what it sounds like, giving you the opportunity to “check a dog out” for a few hours.

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“If anyone is interested in checking a dog out for the day you can come by our main adoption center at 1600 Old Frankfort Pike. Come visit with the dogs, talk to an adoption specialist and find out the dogs available for our check me out program and take em out for the day,” says Ashley Hammond with Lexington Humane Society.

They will send you with information about the dog and a backpack full of supplies you’ll use for the day – like leashes, treats, water, and a bowl.

They recommend you take the dogs out for a long walk, to any pet-friendly stores, or just for a car ride.

Hammond talks about how stressful it is for these animals to get accustomed to shelter life.

“So we want to make the transition from outside our facility, to our facility, to their forever home as seamless as possible,” says Hammond.

She says this is why it’s so important to get them out into the community, and to show the community that they’re here, and available for adoption.

“The dogs have been coming back relaxed, exhausted, and ready to take a nap. And they get some socialization which is very important,” says Hammond.

We caught up with a volunteer, who has spent her last two days hanging with some of the “check me out” pups.

“I’m going to go walk her at the arboretum and maybe elsewhere. Maybe just drive around in the car with her,” says Joan McEwen, a volunteer at the shelter.

She encourages everyone to come out and join in on the fun.

“If you love dogs, if you’re thinking of adopting and even if you aren’t, this is a good way to interact with some of the dogs here. They’re great dogs,” says McEwen.

For more information on the program, click here.