Dedicated poll worker prepares for the primary election


POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – There’s an important primary election on Tuesday.

You’ll be able to make decisions about who could be the state’s next Governor and Secretary of State.

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Finding enough workers for election day is a struggle in most of the counties in the state.

Powell County knows that challenge, but it always has one worker it can rely on.

Elizabeth Neal has been working the polls for 65 years.

She is the longest serving poll worker in the Commonwealth.

Neal started working at the polls when she turned 18.

Her uncle signed her up because the county needed help and that was the reasoning every year after.

“It was just something I was supposed to do and I did it,” said Elizabeth Neal.

Across the state, there’s about 15,000 poll workers.

In Powell County, there’s 44 and four alternates.

In Neal’s 65 years, she says it’s the people that bring her back.

“I just keep coming,” said Neal.

Neal says her daughter and granddaughter work at the polls with her.

The primary election is on Tuesday.

If you want to become a poll worker, click here.