Bevin: New restrictions on abortion will benefit African Americans.


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Governor Matt Bevin is claiming newly passed abortion laws in Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia could be beneficial to African Americans.

Bevin appeared Thursday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to speak about the strict laws being passed.

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He responded to the argument that the abortion laws are racist.

“It’s so empty,” Bevin says. “When you consider that over 40 percent of all the abortions performed in America are the taking of young black lives, that more black children — that more blacks, period — are killed by abortion than crime, accidents, cancer, disease, AIDS … every other cause of death combined does not add up to the number of blacks killed by abortion.”

Bevin says he believes it’s the abortion clinics that are racist and intentionally target people of color.

“Look where these abortion clinics are established, they are in minority neighborhoods,” Bevin says. “They intentionally prey upon minorities.”

“The abortion industry intentionally targets people of color, this should be an outrage to people. But indeed, in polite company, we’re expected to ignore it and pretend that it’s not what it is, blatant racism perpetrated on people who are defenseless,” he adds.

Alabama recently passed a bill that would be almost a total ban on abortion. Kentucky and Georgia have both passed fetal heartbeat bills. Kentucky has also passed a law that prevents a woman from having an abortion based on gender, race or disability of the fetus, which the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against.

It is also challenging the fetal heartbeat law.

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