KSP foundation invests in new safety tool for state troopers


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A local Kentucky State Police public information officer’s tweet has led to a company providing a new safety tool for almost every trooper in the state.

Mark Newburg and Jeffery Simon are inventors of Drop Stop.

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It’s a device designed to prevent items from falling between the front seat and center consul of a car.

The product was featured on Shark Tank and was invested by the famous business woman, Lori Greiner.

The inventors saw trooper, Robert Purdy’s tweet about dropping a driver’s license under the seat of his car.

Drop Stop reached out to Purdy and sent him the product.

Then, the Kentucky State Police foundation asked for more.

“I was able to put some in my vehicle, I gave some to other troopers in hope that it would help them out as well. It’s just been a neat journey. Really appreciative they reached out,” said Robert Purdy.

The foundation purchased 2,000 drop stops in an effort to make the job safer.