EKU student awarded Fulbright Scholarship

Ciara Perez

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Ciara Perez is a May 2018 EKU graduate with a degree in Globalization and International Affairs will be representing EKU as a Flubright Scholar, the first student from the university in three-year.

She has traveled more miles and been to more places than most EKU students or, frankly, most people her age. From a semester studying abroad in Bangkok, Thailand and visiting countries like China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Granada, Spain, and traveling through Europe and parts of Africa, Perez is accustomed to being overseas.

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A Mexican-American, Perez was raised both biculturally and bilingually in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The goal in Guatemala is to help the indigenous people better navigate living in a society that shifts between Mayan dialects and the Spanish language.

“I want to create bonds with the local people and experience their culture,” Perez said. “My travels abroad have allowed me to appreciate people’s’ differences. You can’t learn from a book how a society works, or what traditions mean. You have to go there and live within it.”

While traveling in Asia, she saw extreme poverty for the first time. It was that experience and her Latina heritage that shaped her desire to bring education and opportunity to those who need it.

“English literacy is a gateway to academic and economic opportunities,” Perez said. “Many of the world’s greatest universities are in English-speaking cities. I’m privileged to a quality education simply for being a native English speaker, and I’m going to Guatemala to ensure that others have the tools to pursue the same education.”

Dr. Minh Nguyen, associate director of the Honors Program and scholarship coordinator, said Perez is unique in her pursuit of service and opportunity.

“She’s highly motivated, and the best part about it is it is so genuine,” Nguyen said. “She’s already a great ambassador for EKU, and her experience abroad will help her be successful in Guatemala as a teacher.”

Once she’s back from Guatemala, Perez plans on pursuing a master’s degree in international affairs with the goal of becoming a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State. It was this goal that drove Perez to apply for a Fulbright in the first place.