LPD: Man arrested for shoplifting


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A man is facing multiple charges after police say he committed several thefts over a month’s period.

The man arrested is 57-year-old Larry Dunaway.

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According to investigators, a Walmart employee reported on April 8th that Dunaway committed 14 thefts between March 5th and April 4th.

Police say the estimated value of the items Dunaway stole is more than $3,400.

They say on April 11th, Dunaway left Walmart in Nicholasville with a pressure washer and another item valued at nearly $200.

Police say on April 19th, Dunaway stole an air compressor, and a two-ton car jack from Meijer.

According to court documents, Dunaway also stole four bedroom sheet sets and left the store on April 19th without paying.

Dunaway is charged with burglary and four counts of shoplifting.

Police say Walmart requested that Dunaway be banned from all Walamrt stores.

He scheduled to appear in court today.