A Go Fund Me page was created for an accused shooter


ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A little over a week ago, 18 year old Jordan Witt was arrested after she reportedly shot 19 year old, Kyle York.

The grandmother of the accused is speaking out through a Go Fund Me page that was taken down Sunday evening.

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On Saturday, the grandmother created the page and explained the whole story from her point of view.

In it, she explains that Jordan and her boyfriend were at a party where they had been smoking marijuana and drinking.

She continues to say that a fake gun and a real gun were at the house.

According to the grandmother, Jordan meant to grab the fake gun but by mistake grabbed the real one and shots were fired.

One the page, there were several negative comments including one from the victim’s sister.

“The last thing that I can do for my brother is seek justice, seek justice for the things that he did, and I hope Jordan learns her lesson,” said Shawna York.

Anderson News reported that Witt was under the influence when she reportedly shot York with a .22 caliber pistol.

Shawna York feels like her brother was senselessly killed and wanted the page to come down.

The page was taken down just before 6pm on Sunday.