Woodford County sirens accidentally go off


WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Outdoor warning sirens were activated Monday night when it was not supposed to.

The Woodford County Emergency Management director says dispatch was in the process of alerting the county fire department, ambulance service, and law enforcement to a natural gas leak.

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By accident, the sirens were activated and made sound for about a minute.

Local resident, Taryn Edwards heard the sirens and was worried.

“Well, I think my heart skipped a little beat,” said Taryn Edwards.

The director says this has happened a handful of times in the last year.

“Some of it can be attributed to the system design of the touch screens and the activation method. Some of it can be attributed to human error,” said Drew Chandler, Woodford County Emergency Management Director.

The director says they called the contractor and will try to eliminate some of the human factor from being the primary activator.

Additionally, it’s made a budget proposal to get more state of the art equipment including a National Weather Service activated control point.

So, if there was a weather threat from the weather service, the computer could activate the alarms.

The director says if there is an emergency, residents can reference the heads up community app and their social media.