Powell County residents debate building new landfill


POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Passionate responses from a crowd so big, there weren’t enough seats at Clay City Elementary school.

Many don’t like Blaze Enterprises plans to build a landfill; and they don’t like the idea of trucks on a road they think is too narrow.

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“140 children, twice a day, driving on that road and passing trucks. You’re putting their lives at risk,” said one Powell County resident.

Many Blaze employees sat front and center, as some speakers talked to them directly. Some employees defended the company’s safety record. Others agree the landfill will help bring jobs and can be properly regulated.

“Love the environment and we want to protect it with everything we got, but we also want economic development so revenues generated when we all have jobs in the county. We pay taxes, the state helps fix our roads, we fix our roads,” said a Blaze employee.

The state makes the final decision on this. The state says it will provide answers to all the questions asked at this hearing, and other hearings, planned through March 9th.