Parents worry about school buses on flooded roads


SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)-Flooded roads can be just as dangerous as icy ones so several parents were concerned Wednesday when schools sent buses to pick up kids as police closed off roads.

Wednesday the 911 Center in Scott County warned people to stay off the roads so why were school buses on them?

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A viewer sent ABC 36 photos she says students took from inside bus 1503 as it drove through high water on several roads in Sadieville, including Hinton Sadieville Road, one of the roads the 911 Center put out a warning about.

The parent who sent the photos is angry and so are several other people who commented about it on Facebook.

Tabitha Hyatt wrote “Unacceptable!!!”

Heather Russell said, “I was very surprised that there was not at least a delay this morning…”

“I would argue we standby the decision just as every other district in Central Kentucky that sent their kids to school today,” Billy Parker, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, said.

Parker says bus drivers are trained to call for help when there is water on the roads.

Parker says bus 1503’s driver did just that Wednesday and the district ended up helping the driver find a second then finally a third route to take.

“We will never put students in harm’s way travelling through water that shouldn’t be traveled through,” Parker said.

He says the district also had to help another driver Wednesday who came up on rushing water about three or four feet deep.

He says it’s something his district and others are prepared for so every student arrives and leaves safely.