Homeless camps close; Shelters prepare for more people


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky is entering a cold snap within the next couple of days and one major concern is the homeless people living on the streets.

There are homeless camps in Lexington and recently the city closed them.

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According to Lexington’s Homeless Prevention and Intervention director, they warn the people living there several weeks in advance and try to help them find shelter.

“All of those camps, we have been in and working with those folks since the beginning of December,” said Polly Ruddick, Lexington Homeless Prevention and Intervention director.

The Catholic Action Center is prepared to shelter more people.

Emergency Disaster Services and the Catholic Action Center have teamed up to bring in FEMA trailers with 66 additional beds.

In total, there will be 200 beds available.

“They can everything they need to get through this bitter bitter weather that’s hitting Lexington,” said Ginny Ramsey, Catholic Action Center director.