Gov’t protest rally held outside Sen. McConnell’s Lexington office


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Federal workers and supporters rallied outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s Lexington office Wednesday.

Protesters took to the street outside his office after being told they weren’t allowed inside the building after they tried delivering letters from furloughed employees.

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The letters telling McConnell to “call to vote” and open back up the government.

McConnell could do so, but he says the Senate won’t until President Trump’s border wall is funded.

“We need to sit down and find a better way of dealing with everything,” says a census bureau worker in Jeffersonville, IN, Reese Greer. “Instead of saying, ‘Do I get my money for my wall? Ok then I’m gone, bye bye’.”

The letters also described what life has been like for federal workers this last month.

“I’ve had to go out and get help with my utilities and medicine,” says another census bureau worker in Jeffersonville, Paula Metcalf. “And go to food pantries and get food and it’s just been awful.”

“I physically have to fight to keep from crying,” says Greer. “Because this is not the way to treat people and it hurts on all levels.”

After trying to deliver the letters to McConnell, protesters were told they couldn’t stay.

Protesters say the purpose of this rally is to make McConnell hear their pleas.

“You would never accept this if it was happening to your family,'” says Greer. “The people of America are your family and it’s time to start fighting for them. Stand up and be a real man.”

Supporters and federal workers traveled from all across the state and even Indiana.

Furloughed employees say they’re desperate to get back to work.

They say 33 days is 33 days too long.