Horse rescued from the Red River


CLAY CITY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Emergency crews were called out to help a horse that fell into the Red River Tuesday morning.

According to the Powell County Emergency Management director, the horse’s legs were tangled in some of the roots underneath the water.

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It took rescue teams about two hours to get the horse out safely.

The emergency management director was one of the rescuers in the water and it was his job to comfort the horse and keep her head up.

“I was trying to encourage her to stay awake because she was wanting to drop her head in the water, she was wanting to give up,” said Steve Asbury, Powell County Emergency Management Director.

Once the horse was out safely, crews worked to get her warmed up and on her feet.

The horse loves peppermint and crews used that as a motivator to get the horse to stand.

“We’re glad the animal was up and moving around and that’s the best sign,” said Asbury.

The horse’s name is Katie and Asbury believes she’s around 12-years-old.

After crews left, Katie was in the barn getting checked by a veterinarian.