Parent confronts board over student abuse case


LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – According to state police, two teacher’s aides are accused of abusing an autistic student while a special education teacher stood by and did nothing. KSP says it was all caught on tape, but it isn’t being released publicly yet.

The school board did not discuss the incident at Thursday’s meeting, but parent Rhonda Davis did.

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“I am ashamed and I cannot believe that I am the only person with enough guts and willing to say something about it,” Davis told the school board and the crowd.

Superintendent Mike Rowe did agree to meet with Davis later in the week. Davis left the meeting disappointed.

“I just feel like it’s being blown off, just like it’s not a big deal to them and this is a child being abused, a child that can’t stand up for himself and speak for himself,” said Davis.

Court documents claim teaching assistant Janie Hasty punched an autistic and non-verbal student in the head, taunted him, twisted his arm, and shoved him while Teresa Sparkman, another assistant, laughed.

The superintendent released a statement saying Hasty and Sparkman were fired. Special education teacher Rebecca Spurlock, who documents say stood by, watched the abuse and did nothing, now has a new position at the student support center for the rest of the school year.