Local apparel store thrives off sale increase


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – With UK football punching their ticket to play in the Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Day, local businesses like Kentucky Korner in Fayette Mall are seeing a sales increase for UK apparel.

Kentucky Korner Assistant Manager Benjamin Jones says the sales have increased during the holiday season.

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” Our overall sales as a whole have kind of increased, but not a lot, ” said Jones. ” But they’ve increased with the holidays coming in.”

Jones couldn’t provide the exact sales report with percentages and data, but he says he’s spent the last four years at Kentucky Korner, and says the increase is not surprising.

” I think it’s more so kind of the holiday times,” said Jones. ” Everybody always stacking up on UK gear during the holidays.”

Jones says it’s usually around the holiday months of November and December when Kentucky Korner sees it’s biggest percentage in buyers.

That’s because UK fans purchase items for games.

Jones says fans always buy from the clearance racks with the best bargains.

” There big on things that they see players wearing,” said Jones. ” So if a basketball player is wearing something specific, you know they’ll come in looking for something along those lines.” If they see a football coach wear something specific, they’ll come in looking for something along those lines.”

Although sales have increased at Kentucky Korner, Jones says the main goal is to provide the best bargains for UK fans in the future.

” Right now, there’s a lot of competition with everybody selling the same merchandise or what not,” said Jones. ” But you know we just do the best we can , and keep things that people want in stock, and provide the best customer service.”