Mold issue at MSU concerns students


MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) — Morehead State University students are concerned with a mold issue in their music hall building.

The music students wanted to remain anonymous.

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“It just makes me feel icky if that makes sense,” says Noah, a music student who spends most of his days at Baird Music Hall.

Mold in the building has been an issue since the summer, according to the university.

A graduate assistant for the music department says it’s bad enough that students are sick and don’t want to be in the building.

Students say there have been several rooms closed off because they’re infested with mold. and one professor even had to move offices because of it.

“Some of the practice rooms are closed off and we’re limited on practice rooms anyway and that’s really what we have to do to get our degree,” says Noah. He tells us that he’s not alone in his frustration, even professors and faculty members in the building are upset.

Another student added, “It’s really disheartening when you pay thousands and thousands of dollars to be here per semester and you feel like you’re not getting the same treatment other students do.”

The student says he feels like the university is failing the arts.

“You can spray all you want to, you can paint over the mold all you want to but those are just temporary fixes, it’s not a permanent solution.” He says they need a new building.

We reached out to the university and Jami Hornbuckle, the Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing says this:

“Morehead State University is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy campus environment for those who live, learn and work here. MSU Facilities Management has received reports of mold this summer/fall in Baird Hall. Each report of mold that has been received has been promptly and aggressively addressed. Each time surfaces have been cleaned and treated whether or not mold was found present.”