Organization helps find homes for surrendered horses


WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – In Winchester Sunday, a one day open door shelter gave an option to owners to surrender their horse at no cost if they no longer can care for them.

Horse Plus Humane Society says it’s committed to preventing horse abuse.

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Based in Tennessee, the society’s staff members travel the U.S., finding new homes for the animals, and giving an option for owners who can no longer afford or care for them.

Each horse surrendered is checked by a vet and a trainer, and is then prepared for adoption.

“In Kentucky there are a lot of horse that are abandoned out in the mountains and we want to prevent that from happening so we are here to try to intercept those horses before they end up somewhere where they might be in jeopardy.”

Over 20 horses were surrendered at the shelter.

If you are interesting in adopting any of these horses you can contact Kentucky’s Humane Society or Kentucky’s Equine Society.