Solar farm dedicated in Clark County


WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ)- How ironic to dedicate a solar farm on such a rainy day. On Tuesday, 60 acres worth of solar panels are now available for homes and businesses all over the state. Some environmentalists believe it could be a way to bring new business to Kentucky coal communities.

There are more than 32,000 panels on the new farm.

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“We have members who are specifically asking for solar energy,” Comer said.

Now, they will have it. East Kentucky Power Cooperative’s Nick Comer says for $460, a home or business can license one panel, reaping credits on their energy bill for 25 years. Comer says it would take about 25 to 30 panels to power the average Kentucky home.

“This is a very affordable, reliable, competitive renewable option for our members,” Comer said.

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Kentucky Conservation Committee Executive Director Lane Boldman says teaching people to install solar is a great option to help coal communities find new life.

“It provides a new option for people who understand energy and still want to stay in that business,” Comer said.

Boldman says there are already 1,500 solar jobs in Kentucky, and more on the way.

“You can’t say the same for coal jobs right now. Coal jobs have been on the decline for quite a while,” Boldman said.

Still, Boldman and Comer agree that traditional energy sources like coal will never go away. Solar’s current popularity is just part of a natural evolution.