UPDATE: KSP investigating after beating video goes viral on Facebook


ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) -Kentucky State Police have identified the trooper seen in a controversial video posted to Facebook, that allegedly shows the officer punching and kicking a man during a traffic stop on Wednesday at Woodall’s Auto Repair and Junkyard in Brodhead.

According to police, the officer in the video is Trooper Scotty Pennington.  KSP says Pennington has not been suspended and remains on active duty since the video exploded on Facebook, drawing tens of thousands of views and comments, split into heavily divided lines.

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KSP says they are aware of the video and are conducting an investigation, but are withholding further comment for now.

Joshua Vanwinkle, the man seen being punched by Trooper Pennington, was arrested and charged with fleeing and resisting arrest.

No word on when he will appear in court.


4-21-17 12:01 a.m.

Viral video causes controversy in Rockcastle County


People in Rockcastle County are divided after a video, allegedly showing a Kentucky State Police trooper punching a man during a stop at a local junkyard, went viral on Facebook.

The video allegedly shows a confrontation between Joshua Vanwinkle and two KSP troopers outside of Woodall’s Auto Repair and Junkyard in Brodhead.

The video appears to show Joshua Vanwinkle and one of the troopers talking.  At one point, Vanwinkle raises his hands, and that’s when the officer appears to punch him.  The two begin to scuffle and move out of the camera’s frame.

The video, taken from surveillance cameras at the junkyard has been viewed more than 2o,000 times on Facebook causing outrage from some saying the officer used too much force while others commenting he did his job.

Vanwinkle’s girlfriend says she believes the video shows an abuse of power and wants answers from KSP.

“I understand that as a Kentucky State police officer that’s probably a dangerous job. I get that. But you can tell from the video that Josh did nothing to provoke that beating. If he had of, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you,” said Kristina Rigsby, Vanwinkle’s girlfriend.

Vanwinkle was arrested for fleeing and resisting arrest and was taken to Rockcastle County Detention Center.

We have reached out to KSP for comment. They have yet to return our calls.