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Historical Derby Weather's 2020 Update

Keeping in mind, most Derby Days occurred in the month of May, usually within the first week. The coldest temperature recorded was 36 degrees, on May 4th in the years 1940 and again in 1957. The warmest temperature was on…

Post-Tropical Cyclone Laura and Kentucky: Friday Update

Rain showers and thunderstorms will be increasing across the Bluegrass as former Hurricane Laura, which is now a post-tropical cyclone, makes its way through Kentucky. It will bring rainfall as the center of low pressure continues eastward through Friday evening/early…

Hurricane Laura and Kentucky: Wednesday Update

Hurricane Laura has now reached winds of 115 mph in the Gulf of Mexico heading northeast at 15 mph. Sustained winds from 111-129 mph classify this tropical storm as a category 3 hurricane. Some forecasting models show Laura's path eventually…

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