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The Garden Guy – Picking the Perfect Blueberry Plant

Interested in moving away from genetically modified fruits? Mike O'Rourke has some tips on picking a blueberry plant for your garden.

The Garden Guy – Evergreens For Your Yard

ABC 36's Mike O'Rourke takes a look at the different kinds of evergreens, and where they'll work best in your yard, in this week's The Garden Guy.

The Garden Guy – Annual Vs. Perennial

Mike O'Rourke breaks down the differences between annual and perennial plants in this week's The Garden Guy.

The Garden Guy – Best Climbing Vines for Your Garden

Mike O'Rourke has a hardy, blooming vine that will make you look like you have an ultra-green thumb, regardless of your gardening skills.

The Garden Guy – Enjoying Peonies Year Round

Fans of peonies know the sad tragedy: one round of blooms (usually,) and then the season is over.

The Garden Guy – Flowering Trees

Looking to add some color to your yard? In this week's The Garden Guy, Mike O'Rourke has all the information you need to know to pick out a flowering tree.

Mother’s Day gifts from the garden – The Garden Guy

With Mother's Day approaching this weekend, Mike O'Rouke, ABC 36's Garden Guy, has everything you need to know to bring her a gorgeous gift from the garden.

Planting Herbs – The Garden Guy

Want fresh herbs to add to your cooking arsenal? Mike O'Rourke has a quick overview of everything you need to know about planting herbs in this week's The Garden Guy.

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