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Above normal temps with spotty showers into the weekend

Overview: The warm temps are here to stay this Friday, with a mix of sunshine and clouds. Temperatures will range from 85 to...

Few showers and thunderstorms Thursday

Overview: A line of heavier showers and thunderstorms off to the northwest making their way to the bluegrass state. Temperatures will stay in...

Partly sunny and mild Monday

Overview: A mild start to the work week, with high temperatures in the mid 70s. A big warm up is on the way with...

Huge warm-up starts Friday, and here to stay

Overview: Get ready for summer-like feels heading into the weekend! Warmer temperatures and a more muggy feel will return Friday into next week,...

Partly sunny skies, isolated showers Wednesday

Overview: Another day with below average temperatures. Temperatures will gradually warm into the 70s Wednesday and Thursday, with 80s Friday into the weekend...

Patchy fog, cool temps, turning sunny Tuesday

Overview: Another cold start to the day this Tuesday, with patchy fog in the morning. It will be mild and mostly sunny with...

Partly sunny and warm Tuesday

Overview: Another warm day coming up this Tuesday. Afternoon time will be warm, with high temperatures around 80 degrees, and the chance for...

Sunshine with cooler temps Tuesday

Overview: Sunshine coming up for Tuesday morning, with lows around 27 degrees.  More sunshine develops Tuesday through Thursday, with a nice warming trend, as high...

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