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Construction At Military History Museum To Affect Frankfort Traffic

Motorists are asked to be cautious over the next two months around the Kentucky Military History Museum due to construction, which will impact traffic in downtown Frankfort.

One eastbound lane and the sidewalk adjacent to the museum will be closed daily from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., beginning Monday, September 24, 2012 to allow for removal of a concrete retaining wall.

One lane will remain open to traffic. 

The project is expected to last up to 60-days, depending on weather.

Removal of the retaining wall is part of a $2 million renovation of the museum, which is housed in the old State Arsenal.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2013.

The Kentucky Military History Museum is operated jointly by the Kentucky Historical Society and the Department of Military Affairs.

For more information, click here.

Federal Inmate Gets Another 51 Months for Escape

        A man serving more than 50 years in federal prison received 51 more months on to his sentence after his escape in Woodford County back in 2010.

        Derek Capozzi of Boston, Mass. was sentenced on Monday after escaping from custody back in 2010.

        Capozzi was testifying at a trial in Kentucky and was being escorted back to Bluegrass Airport when he escaped the vehicle transporting him.

        Capozzi was found three days later.

        The 51 months will be added on to the 53 years Capozzi is already serving for dismembering the body of a young woman and the use of a firearm in a violent crime.

        Capozzi is also said to have ties to organize crime.

Funeral Plans Set for John Cashman

   Funeral plans are now set for John Cashman, a huge figure in the horse racing industry here in Kentucky. 

   At one time Cashman was president of Castleton Farm in Lexington and The Red Mile. He was also the former director of the Maxwell Gluck Equine Research Center at UK.

    He was also the father of New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman.  

     A funeral mass will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday in Lantana, Florida.

      In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Harness Racing Hall of Fame, 240 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924, or the American Cancer Society.

      Tillman Funeral Home & Crematory of West Palm Beach, Florida is handling the arrangements.

     John Cashman was 72.

Boil Water Advisory In Booneville

Due to a water main fracture, a Boil Water Advisory is in effect until further notice for the Booneville Water Supply that serves the areas of Levi and Route 11 north to the Lee County line. 

The Advisory is in effect for all branch lines in the above mentioned area.

Affected customers should boil their water for at least three minutes prior to using water for cooking or drinking.

Lexington Police Investigating DUI in Three Car Accident

     Lexington Police say they have taken a woman into custody in a drunk driving investigation after a three car accident earlier this evening.
     The incident happened a little before eight Monday night.

     Lexington Police say a woman driving a white SUV swerved into on-coming traffic.

     According to investigators the SUV grazed the side of one car before hitting a second vehicle on the left front side.

    No one was hurt, however rescuers did have to use Jaws of Life to remove one of the drivers.

     The name of the woman taken into custody has not yet been released.

State of HS Football Talent in KY

One of the reasons the Kentucky football team may be down right now, the state of high school football talent in the Commonwealth.

Joker Phillips says the statewide crop just isn’t SEC caliber.

So what do other programs go through?  And just how difficult is it to steal a kid away from his home state if he’s Blue Chip quality?

Check out the video for Joker’s response.

UK O-Line Leading Hurry-Up

One bright spot this season for the Cats is the consistently good play of the offensive line.

Thanks to the big guys up front, Kentucky has been able to run the hurry-up, no-huddle style of play efficiently through four games.

Take away Morgan Newton’s outing versus Florida and the Cats would be even better off.

Right now, they sit as the 4th ranked passing attack in the SEC.

South Carolina, on the flip side for Saturday’s game, has the fourth ranked defense overall in the league, led by its third ranked rush defense.

But the Gamecocks may have a weakness through the air.  As their passing defense ranks just 12th out of the 14 teams in the conference.

Check out the video to hear from Joker and Matt Smith on the team’s outlook on the USC defense.

QB Shuffle: Max Smith Starting Saturday?

Max Smith is set to start for UK this Saturday versus South Carolina.

The key word being "set."

Smith won’t throw Tuesday, leaving just two days of evaluation for the coaching staff before making a decision at starter.

Following Morgan Newton’s performance in the Swamp against Florida last Saturday, freshman Jalen Whitlow is set to be the backup should Smith not be ready to go.

Whitlow has taken the second-team snaps since the Louisville game.  Newton attributed that to some of his failure on the road in the Gators 38-0 win over the Cats.

And what about Patrick Towles?  His father spoke out over the weekend to the Louisville Courier Journal that he and his son, both want to see No. 14 hit the field as soon as possible.

But Joker says Towles is still on track to redshirt.

Check out the video for more on the QB carousel for the Cats.

Lexington Man Accused Of Cutting Ex-Girlfriend’s Throat

Lexington Police said Clifford Crenshaw, 50, of Lexington, went to his former girlfriend’s house, hit her over the head with a wooden box, cut her throat with scissors and threw her through a screen door.

Police said Crenshaw then took her car keys, cell phone and Walmart card.

No word on the woman’s condition.

Crenshaw was arrested and jailed.

$20 Stolen During Home Invasion

Lexington Police said four masked men broke into a town home on Codell Drive in Lexington and demanded money from the woman who lives there.

Police said this happened just after midnight on Monday.

Police said the woman thought the men had guns, but she didn’t see any.

According to investigators, the four men only got away with $20 from the victim’s sister.

No one was hurt.

State Police Warn Of Phone Scam

State Police are warning people of a phone scam that has popped-up in at least one Kentucky county, Adair.

State Police said that someone is calling people, claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearing House.

The caller tells people they need to go to Walmart, buy some ‘Green Dot’ cards, which is a type of pre-paid money card and then go to a bank to cash their winning check.

According to State Police, no one has fallen for this yet, but several people have been called.

Joker Still Laughing

UK needs to win four SEC games and the lone remaining non-conference game to reach a bowl this season.

The last time the Cats won four conference games in the same year?  2006.

Next up for Kentucky this weekend, South Carolina.

Last season the Gamecocks handed UK a 54-3 beatdown on the road.

Check out the video for more on this season’s matchup and Joker on Spurrier.

Police: Kentucky’s ATV Laws May Have Prevented Teen’s Death

According to government statistics, Kentucky is second (only to West Virginia) in ATV (all-terrain vehicle) deaths.

One more was tragically added to the list on Sept. 20th–Michael Sparks, 15, reportedly ran an ATV into the side of a truck around 8 p.m.

The coroner said he died after reaching UK Hospital.

Yet the teen’s death in Lexington was unusual–it’s not something police in the city see a lot of.

There’s a reason for it: ATVs aren’t allowed on public property in Lexington.

And, according to police reports, the teen broke a few other Kentucky laws when he was riding an ATV that night, including: anyone under the age of 16 must wear a helmet while driving an ATV; those under 16 must have parental supervision while driving an all-terrain vehicle; headlights and taillights must be on at all times when operating the vehicle; and ATVs cannot be driven at night.

Police have not yet said if any charges will come of the incident.

For more information on ATV laws in Kentucky, you can go to this website.

Lexington Stomach Bug Spike Serves As A Reminder

A stomach bug is going around Fayette County and hitting the school system pretty hard.
The illness caused more than 100 students and a dozen teachers to miss class in Lansdowne Elementary at the same time.
The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and some stomach cramping.
The Fayette County Public Schools Health Coordinator, Michelle Marra, says this isn’t uncommon but they are taking the extra steps to prevent further spreading.

The Health Department says this should serve as a reminder for families to get their yearly vaccinations including flu, tetanus, and this year especially, pertussis or whooping cough.
Kevin Hall with the Health Department says that since the start of the calendar year, there have been over 50 cases in Fayette County.
In the previous 5 years, Fayette County has seen 25 cases combined of pertussis.
He says there is no definitive reason why pertussis is coming back so strongly.

911 Tape Released In Powell County Shooting

A suspect is charged with murder after a woman is found shot to death Sunday in Powell County.
Police arrested Ralph Allyn and charged him with murder. 
Police say Allyn called 911 and reported his own crime. 
Police say at 5:59 a.m. Sunday morning, Allyn dialed 911 to report the shooting. 
Police say he shot 64-year-old Barbara Martin twice, killing her.
They say he was arrested without incident.
He is expected to be arraigned Tuesday morning in Powell County.

Question of the Day 09-24-12

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Answer: Target

Man Charged With Violent Robbery


A woman is recovering after she says her ex-boyfriend beat her and cut her throat with scissors.

Lexington Police arrested Clifford Crenshaw, 50. He is accused of going to his ex-girlfriend’s house, hitting her in the head with a wooden box, cutting her throat with scissors and throwing her through a screen door.

The victim said Crenshaw then took her cell phone, car and a WalMart debit card.

Police arrested Crenshaw a short time later.

He is charged with robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

Man Nearly Drives Into House


A man nearly crashed into a home in Winchester early Monday morning.

It happened just after midnight in the 200-block of South Highland Street.

Police said the driver of the car hit a vehicle parked on the side of the road, went through a yard, over a small rock wall and then hit the air conditioning unit outside a family’s home.

Linda Carter, the woman who lives in that home, said her husband and 13-year-old son were asleep inside at the time.

No one was hurt.

Carter said the driver told police his headlights went out.

There didn’t appear to be any structural damage to the home.

Carter’s husband actually gave the driver a ride home after the incident.

Update: Stanton Woman Shot To Death In Her Own Home

People in Stanton are stunned after 64-year-old Barbara was shot to death Sunday morning. 

Police say at 5:59 AM Sunday, Ralph Allyn called 911. 

Allyn: I shot my baby

Police say Allyn shot Martin twice, killing her.  After about 8 minutes, the call disconnected.  Allyn called back.

Allyn: I called earlier, we had a shooting. 

When Allyn first said baby, the dispatcher thought a child had been shot.  Allyn clarified.

Allyn: I shot my girlfriend 
Dispatcher: You what?
Allyn: I shot my girlfriend
Dispatcher: You shot your girlfriend? 
Allyn: Yes
Dispatcher: How old is she? 
Allyn: Inaudible
Dispatcher What?
Allyn: 65
Dispatcher: 65? And how come you shot her?
Allyn: I don’t know

The dispatcher asked Allyn to go outside. 

Dispatcher: Everthing’s going to be OK, but we need to get her help, and we need to get you help.

Police say they arrested Allyn peacefully.  He will be arraigned Tuesday morning at 9 AM. 

Bluegrass Airport Mural Repainting


One of Lexington’s most recognizable pieces of art will be getting a complete facelift.

It’s the horse farm mural outside Bluegrass Airport.

The Lexington Herald-Leader says work has already begun on the 7-year-old, 6,000 square foot painting.

About 40% of it has been sand-blasted in the past few weeks.

An airport spokesperson told the newspaper the primer and paint didn’t bond correctly, which caused flaking and other wear. This prompted the revamp.

They say there won’t be any changes made to the mural, except a better, brighter coat of paint.