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Epilepsy Education Day – Epilepsy Foundation of KY 4-26

Rachel Ward and Deb McGrath sit down with ABC 36's Lauren Gawthrop to share about Epilepsy Education Day coming up on May 7 at the Hilary J. Boone Center.

Black Women in the South – Carnegie Center 4-26

ABC 36's Lauren Gawthrop sits down with author Brianca Spriggs to talk about the "Black Women in the South" event being held at the Carnegie Center.

Pets Need Pals – Stella – Kentucky SAVE 4-25

Twila Griffis from Kentucky SAVE joins Meteorologist Eric Burke with Stella, a de-clawed cat looking for a forever home.

“Hairspray” – Woodford Theatre 4-22

ABC 36's Lauren Gawthrop sits down with Madeline Wilson and Peter Gibbons of the Woodford Theatre to talk about their upcoming production of "Hairspray."

Dixie Stampede & Lumberjack Adventure – Dollywood 4-22

ABC 36's Eric Burke speaks with Amber Davis from Dollywood about Dixie Stampede entertainment, and the upcoming Lumberjack Adventure feature at Dollywood.

Rising Suicide Rates – Doc-On-Call – Dr. Ryan Stanton 4-22

ABC 36's Lauren Gawthrop and our Doc-On-Call, Dr. Ryan Stanton, discuss the rising rate of suicide in the country, and early warning signs to watch out for.

Giving to Disaster Relief – BBB

Many look to donate to disaster relief but... not all charities may be equal.

Debt Relief Organizations

BBB often hears from consumers often about mailings, websites, commercials about "making debt go away".

Taking Care of Your Parents

Taking Care of Your Parents with Dr. James Stillwell