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Friday, December 4, 2020
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Pedestrian Dies After Truck Hits Him

John K. Long of Millard, Kentucky was killed after a truck hit him in Pike County.

Two Stabbed In Estill County

Two people were found stabbed in a home in Irvine Thursday morning.

Deputies Overcome By Fumes

Two Boyle County Sheriff's deputies were overcome by fumes while responding to a call in a Danville neighborhood on Wednesday night.

Man Robbed While Sitting In Car

Police said a man was robbed Thursday morning while sitting in his car in Lexington.

“Packing A Punch”

A "Day in the Life" with teenage boxing sensation Samantha Kinchen.

Witness Describes Van Crash Rescue

A man who helped rescue kids from a daycare van crash says something didn't seem right inside the van.

Ichthus Coping With The Heat

Sometimes, it's rainy and windy during the Ichthus Christian Music Festival. Not this year.

Senate Rejects McConnell-Supported Coal Resolution

The US Senate has rejected a bill backed by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky that would have called for the Environmental Protection Agency to weaken standards for mercury, lead, arsenic, and other toxins from coal-fired power plants.

Police Identify Woman Hurt In Jackson County Motorcycle Crash

Police have identified the woman who was hurt Thursday in a motorcycle crash in Jackson County.

Extreme Heat In Summer Also Affects Horses

With above normal temperatures expected for the remainder of summer, heat related illness and even death pose a serious issue....and not just in people.

City Covering Manure Smell in Lexington Neighborhood

Residents along Coldstream Court have been enduring a foul odor for the past few days.

Murder Trial Won’t Happen In Russell County

The murder trial of a dad charged in the death of his 22-month-old baby will not take place in Russell County.